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Application System

Surprise potential members with an application experience not found with a Google Form. New members get the first impressions of a professional and organized community. Instead of having members fill out several different forms, I have developed a one stop shop for everything your members will need.

Mobile Data Terminal

Based off of other FiveM MDTs and real life MDT the most realistic and user friendly MDT, CIV Portal and CAD around. The MDT is set up to do all the function of the CAD so that you don't have to rely on Dispatch.

Member Management

For any community, member management gets difficult. Different systems/Google Forms for each aspect of your community gets confusing. My CAD combines all aspect of community management, from whitelisting to departments; all in one easy to use admin panel.

Why Choose CommunityCAD?

Steam Powered Login

Steam Login

CommunityCAD uses a Steam login to track members. This allows for easy whitelist via the CAD. Also keep users away with bans on Steam accounts so they can't just reapply with a diffrent email address.

I host everything so you dont have too!

No Hassle Deployment

I host the CAD/Website for you. No need to know how to do anything other than work Discord. Server has a 99% up time so its ready to patrol when you are.

Easy to use. Simple interface

One Stop Shop

CommunityCAD is built to handle everything you will need to do with members. You can have whitelisting through the CAD, Applications through the CAD, Fully functional CAD/MDT as well as complete CIV portal. The only thing it won't do for you is laundry!


  • Basic Customization
  • No Reports
  • No Updates
$10.00 / month
  • More Customization
  • Reports
  • Monthly Updates*
  • Priority Support
$15.00 / month
  • Leading Edge of Updates
  • Priority Updates
  • Full Customization
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